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Fast, personalized data access for multi-compute, multi-format, multi-storage data lakes.

Access Control Training

These policies are then applied on-the-fly by Okera in a centralized platform and ensure access is always enforced transparently and consistently and without any performance penalty. Okera allows you to leverage your LDAP directory and authentication services, such as Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos, Okta, and so on, to manage access rights based upon groups already defined.

With Micro Focus solutions for data access governance, you can now gain the same level of control over unstructured data as you have with systems, applications, and identities. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure that the right people have access to the right information - including information stored in files on your network. Analyze file system data to provide insight into what data you have, who has access, and how access is derived.

Data Access Control System - Access Control Solution | Okera

Unauthorized access of unstructured data is a risk that analysts, legislatures, CSOs, and compliance officers are all saying needs to be addressed. Fortunately, Micro Focus has a solution.

We use cookies. Data Access Governance Expand your identity governance program to include data stored in files. Read flyer. A practical approach for developing fine-grained access control FGAC for database management systems is reported in this paper.

What is access control? A key component of data security

We extend SQL language to support security policies. The concept of the policy type for databases is proposed. We implement the policy reuse through the use of policy types and policy instances to alleviate the administration workload of maintaining security policies. The policies for rows and columns can be expressed with policy types.

Moreover, complicated database integrity constraints can also be expressed by policy types, and no further purpose-built programs are needed to create specific security control policies. We implement the fine-grained access control in a relational database management system DM5 [4]. The performance test results based on TPC-W are also presented.

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