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I liked the part when Molly figured out that Jones was alive, and that he was pretending to be Leslie Pollard, the Englishman. That was a really good scene. What an idiot. She says really bold things out loud to Max at the physical therapy center, about the sex they had, and that was completely trashy, classless, and distasteful. What a classy gal. You can tell a lot about the author at moments like this. He just stood there, staring at the profile of her face beneath that shroud.

Her prominent nose. Gina had laughingly called it her beak. And why am I just now hearing about this, on pg. Molly even started to get on my nerves. Hello, his life is in danger! And I hated the age difference between them too. Molly is significantly older than Jones, so much so that Gina thought she was too old for him. What is up with that in this book? She finds out his grandpa died when he was 9, and guess what really sympathetic and compassionate response she comes up with.

And I liked that he got mad thinking that Gina liked him and has slept with him. But when he started tearing up I was turned off. The author threw out way too much in the plot area. Brockmann kept throwing wrenches into the plot, and I absolutely hated it. Molly and Gina are kidnaped and are being held in exchange for Jones. What a bit of insight there. I really hated Max. He was emotionless when he thought Gina was dead, and he was emotionless on the way to get her body.

So when he finally gets her, he does nothing. He only holds her during the escape, like to keep her from falling down or falling behind. And despite that fact, Gina is reaching for his hand, touching his arm, wrapping his arms around him, and expressing concern over him, just like the annoying, clingy, and completely pushy girl that she is.

And what the freak is up with that? That much of an age difference is just wrong. Max, on pg. After Max made that completely heartless comment about cheering Gina on when she left, she actually apologizes for leaving. And she just comes to the conclusion that Max chased her away. Go ahead and make it easy on him. Dumb broad. How nice. The author gives absolutely the barest details in the sex scenes.

They finally have sex in the present time, instead of looking back on past encounters, and I expected the author to draw out the scene, but nope. What a waste. So you can figure out where he might hide something like a radio. If he had a radio to hide. We both go for nice girls. Why would he mention her? And then he says the only reason he asked her to marry him was because he thought it would keep him away from Gina.

He was afraid of how much he loved her. What a load of crap. I really hate when couples just have sex without thinking of safety, and a baby results from it. That was pretty harsh. The author tried to undertake way too much in the plot area. It was one thing after a freakin nother, and every time I expected them to get out and get back to America, something would happen that prevented that from happening. An idiot.

The ending was as stupid as the rest of the book. It did nothing for me. I see why this book is called Breaking Point. They refused to stay hurt, even when the men said hurtful and unforgivable things. Molly and Gina are like those plastic doll things you punch, only for them to bounce right back and stand up, every time. You might wanna spend more time developing them as a nice love interest rather than sculpting them a good butt, because actually being nice to a woman goes a lot further in my estimation than a muscular butt.

Just a little tip there. Gina consistently kept up her theme of annoying, weak, helpless female. Jules was quite annoying at parts, but he was funny, and brought some much-needed humor into the story. Jones was a fail too. I thought he was going to be cool and dangerous, but that quickly changed and he was actually quite pathetic. I never got the sense that he was a dangerous ex-solder-turned criminal. And then he morphed quickly into a Max clone, treating Molly just as crappily as Max treated Gina. And what was up with the name transitioning?

Even Molly called him Grady at times. What the freak is up with that? Pick a name and stick with it. At several points throughout the book, I wanted to read it, only because of what I hoped would happen, not because it was actually good. It was a fail in every single department, and it makes me want to give up on the whole series. The only good quality was the humor the author had--even mundane things were described in a funny way because of the author's sense of humor. Apr 05, Tara rated it liked it Shelves: audio-book , m-m , police-government-agency , read-in , military.

I think I've grown tired of Suzanne Brockmann's heroines. Or maybe it's just me. I'm just not feeling the love between the main characters in these books lately. In this case it feels like Gina pushed Max until he finally relented. A lot of the book is them just rehashing the same old arguments. Molly and Jones were sweet and it was nice to find out what happened to them. Also in this book it was nice to see Jules get to be in charge of things. My heart did break for him a little in the last book because he lost boys and he was without his partner.

But seeing him now it seems like Alyssa was overshadowing his awesomeness as an agent so good for him. And there was a little romance potential for him with someone other than a guy in the closet or a unforgivable scumbag. Also it seems that the world war two story lines are a thing of the past, which is too bad. Some of them were really interesting. Well I'm off to pick up two Alex Cross books and then I'll be back with the troubleshooters Sep 13, Ing rated it it was amazing. Was feeling in the mood for Max and Gina re-read. Remember how much I love the this book.

Apr 11, Alicia Cordova rated it did not like it. Didn't finish it. The female characters are one note and all the men are uber macho assholes. Don't bother. Sep 04, LaFleurBleue rated it liked it Shelves: paperback , romance-military , romantic-suspense. I expected better from this book which disappointed me for several things. First, it's awfully slow to start, with like 4 different story lines in parallel, 3 of whom flashback to different periods - and those last until almost half of the book.

Regarding Max and Gina's past, I felt there was not much new that I did not already remember from previous books, so that also contributed to my feeling of boredom. Then, what deeply irritated me was several misconceptions about Indonesia and the totally t I expected better from this book which disappointed me for several things. Then, what deeply irritated me was several misconceptions about Indonesia and the totally twisted presentation of East Timor predicament and history.

The book was printed in and supposedly took place in That's 3 full years after the formal independence and full recognition of East Timor as a sovereign state by the UN. And calling the independence fights from Indonesian occupation a civil war is simply an insult to East Timorese - East Timor was a Portuguese colony until when it declared its independence before 9 days later being invaded and annexed by the Indonesian army. I'll stop my rant there, but I consider such a twisted presentation of history not acceptable from someone claiming to defend civil and human rights. Regarding Indonesia, Ms.

Brockmann also do not understand anything about the language s , as I had already noticed in the previous book taking place there. Indeed there are plenty of different ethnic groups all along the archipelago who all speak their own dialect. At school, whatever school in whatever remote village, the classes are given in Bahasa Indonesia. That's the language the people speak when they meet people coming from different regions or from the village next door with a different dialect and everyone speaks it, even if in a rather basic form for some.

Obviously Indonesians would never need to use English to talk with one another as it was totally incorrectly hinted in Out of Control. And Indonesian is the one acceptable language for anything related to politics so there would never be any political tracts written in dialects. Orders in the army would only be given in Bahasa. And there was a third WTF moment, when it was explained why Gina took a pregnancy test in Hambourg view spoiler [ she wanted to check that she was not pregnant in order to know whether she could be a surrogate for Molly, and allow her to get cured of cancer - except for doing that that would have meant transferring the baby Molly was already 4 months pregnant with to Gina's womb.

And yes, she did the pregnancy test, without wondering whether it was possible to take a fetus from one pregnant womb and just put it in another not pregnant one right in the middle of the pregnancy. Going back to the romance, it was just ok. For way too long, Max just considered himself too old, not good enough and it took the given news of death for him to start acknowledging his feelings, plus a long series of bad news to him to accept that he could not do without her.

She was so ready to accept anything from him without asking for anything, that I did not care so much how it ended and how much he really grovelled - not too much. The secondary story between Molly and Jones felt more balanced with deeper feelings. And I liked how Jones regularly put his feet in his mouth. More like a 3. Mar 03, Tash rated it really liked it Shelves: april , So I have finally finished this book. I guess it took me awhile because of my crazy busy schedule but alot had to do with the first half of the book. I was already tired of hearing how Max screwed up things between him and Gina and how he believed that pushing her away was the right thing to do.

I wanted someone to kick some sense into his stubborn head. For a real smart FBI negotiator, he really sucked when it came to his personal life. As for Gina, I liked her. She is far more mature than the So I have finally finished this book. She is far more mature than the other women her age and maybe because she survived a terrible hijacking.

During this hijacking, Gina witnessed people being killed and things were even done to Gina that could've destroyed her and make her lose all hope. But she survived and found love in a man who just couldn't accept being in love and ultimately having the 'happily-ever-after' ending. These two finally came around towards the end of the book and I'm glad for them. I'm also happy about the fact that Gina didn't just run into Max with open arms when they first saw each other. She had enough restraint hold back-at least for a little bit.

With Max finally opening up slowly but surely to Gina, I was very ectastic about their reunion and Max's transformation. In some ways, Jones was just as much a butthead as Max. He may have left Molly a few years back but his reasons were very valid and had he not showed up and revealed himself to Molly, they wouldn't be in the situation they were in-trapped in a house with armed men surrounding them awaiting for the release of Grady Morrant aka Jones aka Leslie Polland aka Molly's husband.

Jones knew there were dangerous men out searching for him and it would be selfish of him to seek out Molly knowing these men were out to kill him. So he waited for the right opportuniy and created another alias before searching out Molly. I had not expected the turn of events in Molly's character Thats alot!

I loved how Jones had no problem showing his love to Molly. I loved him even more when he had a talk with Max at Emilio's house about hurting Gina, "You do love her, right? He threw Max the pillow, so he could sit, too. I thought this was going to be my last book for this series but I need to find out what happens to Jules.

At one point, Max really lost it and resigned himself from his posisiton which made Jules the new team leader. Jules pulled rank on Max a few times and that was very impressive. I love Jules too! He's like the best friend you can confide in and know he'll listen and give you his honest opinion with your interest at heart. At one point, I was about to cry when I thoust he died, but he didn't!!! View all 5 comments. Mar 20, jenjn79 rated it it was amazing Shelves: favs-reread , genre-romance-suspense , favs-all-time , author-suzanne-brockmann , stars-5 , reviewed , info-full , series-troubleshooters.

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I loooooved this book and have been dying to read it since the first book of the series I read a while back, which was actually book 6. In order to get 9th book in the series, and the most recent, but not the last. In order to get a full grip on this storyline, you pretty much have to have read the previous books in the series, or at least a select few that directly relate. I guess you could read it on its own, but it wouldn't have as much of an impact. This story actually begins way back in book 3 that had the storyline of a plane being hijacked.

Gina was on the plane and was and the "main" hostage.

Breaking Point A Novel Troubleshooters Book 9

Max was the FBI negotiator who tried to talk the terrorists out of killing everyone, but he spoke to Gina mostly and became her lifeline. They had an instant connection. He was watching on hidden cameras while Gina was beaten and then gang-raped by the terrorist. Despite his better judgment, he keeps in contact with Gina over the years and falls for her because of her resilience and courage and sweet nature. Gina is head over heels in love with him, but he keeps pushing her away. There "relationship" comes to a head in book 6, but things don't work out and Gina goes off to Kenya to work with and AIDS group where her friend Molly is - Molly was in book 4 as a missionary in Indonesia.

Breaking Point (Troubleshooters Series #9)

So the plot of this book is that Gina and Molly are kidnapped to use as bait to bring in Jones, Molly's husband. He's wanted dead by one of his enemies. As I said, I seriously loved this book. I didn't want to put it down once I started. I absolutely love Gina and Max. They have to be one of my all-time favorite book couples.

There's such a wonderful dynamic between them and a palpable chemistry. I've been rooting for them since book 3. The overall story is well done also. It ties in a lot of connections from other books, and all the characters are well-developed and likable.

You can really feel the tension of the story. It's an emotional wringer. The flashbacks were an interesting way to bring readers up to speed on events that happened between books but had a huge impact on the current storyline. It takes a little bit to get used to that because you're bouncing around to different times - four months ago, 17 months ago - it's a little dizzying, but it really was a great way to set up the story.

There's really nothing I can complain about on this one. It was even better than I thought it would be. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. I have to say, the story definitely lived up to my hopes and expectations. I really loved it. We got to know Max and Gina a lot more in this book and, well, Max is Max, but Gina is lovely, a wonderful heroine.

And Molly and Jones, I think they are my favourite couple in the Troubleshooter series, except for maybe Ken and Sanannah. Molly and Jones are a fabulous couple. This book sure did make me laugh out loud a few times, many times.

Breaking Point: Troubleshooters 9

Upon reflection, probably better in small doses! I laughed so hard I snorted. I definitely snort laughed over that one. Not only is it lovely and smooth the way she does it, but she cracks me the hell up, heaps of times, not always big laughs, but many snort laughs. This is one of these books. She certainly did it for me with this book. Out of Control, Gone Too Far and this one really are incredibly fantastic books and have lived up to my expectations and actually surpassed them.

Oct 03, fleurette rated it liked it Shelves: romantic-suspense.

This was my second book in this series, I have already read The Unsung Hero which I liked better than this one. The beginning of this book was driving me crazy and not in a good way. It was mainly written in retrospections! I generally don't mind some flashbacks on characters or how that all started but man… When I read a book I want the story and not jumping from one previous event in the heroes life to the another.

And what bothered me even more it was just jumping from one to the other - ninet This was my second book in this series, I have already read The Unsung Hero which I liked better than this one. And what bothered me even more it was just jumping from one to the other - nineteen years ago, two months ago, then two years ago and twenty two months ago, than again two months ago and so on. And all that is mostly useless because after the first retrospection I already get that Gina and Max has some past together and what they think about this situation.

I don't need another hundred pages about the past events to understand that. Also, I don't think I liked Gina. She is one of those bitches who always knows better and are ready to tell you their opinion whatever you want it or not. She always has to have the last word in every conversation. And, of course, she knows better what will be good for Max. She makes him into some therapy for couples because she thinks he needs it, she helps in the hospital in Kenya even though she can't stand blood so she is useless, when Max is hurt she decides it's a perfect moment to tell him about her feelings and what he should do about them.

And so on. Yep, she is annoying. The romance part is definitely undeveloped. It's probably because of this huge retrospection part. But rather than that I would like to see how Gina and Max explain everything between them and built their relationship once again. Instead they overcome everything instantly and go for a happy ending. I was a bit disappointed. Till now Jules seems to be the most interesting character in this book. I wish he has his own story. I'm rating this book 2. Feb 04, Kath rated it really liked it.

I got this audiobook and got through the first CD before I realized there was a back story by checking out Amazon. I then went back and read books in this series. If you don't at least read books 3 and 4, you'll be missing out on Max and Gina's book 3 and Jones and Molly's book 4 story. You'll also get some background on Jules, who shows up a lot in this series. As a bonus you'll see the Sam and Alyssa story in books 2 - 6. While I liked the story with Max and Gina, I think the friendship with Max and Jules was even better than the romance.

I think it's Jules that makes more of a difference in Max's life than Gina and I loved seeing the dialogue between the two characters, the trust and respect and the friendship forming. A nice story of friendship. Gina is a great character and I could believe the connection between her and Max particularly because of their backstory , but it just didn't seem like one of the better romantic matches that I have seen before. Still, it was a nice story. The story of Molly and Jones is a great one as well.

You can still see a strong connection between the two even after being apart for years. Lots going on with this story as Jones has quite a confusing, traumatic and sorted past that put both Jones and Molly at huge risk. It's a great series as a whole, while some characters are more memorable than others. Max, Jules and Jones and Moly are certainly some of the best characters in this series, which is why I really enjoyed this installment. I believe books 7 and 8 and bring in new characters, so I haven't gotten through those as of yet, but looking forward to it.

If you like series books like I do, where the characters connect from book to book, you should try this one. As he goes off to claim her body he finds things are not as they seem. Another high point for me was the action sequences — and Jules, no way a story detailing the strong FBI alliance with Troubleshooters be complete without Jules. The new secondary characters were also good and fit well within the universe.

As much as I like this series and these characters, I really hated the jumping back and forth thru time and their history — I just wanted to get thru it and it went on for half the book. Granted Max and Gina are familiar to fans of the series so their story needed to be done differently. Mar 02, Michelle rated it it was amazing. This is the third time I have read this book, which makes it even more impressive that I STILL couldn't put it down, even though I knew what was going to happen.

This author has way of writing dialogue that makes her characters seem more real than actual people, in some ways. The pacing on this book is done very well, so that as soon as the tension from one crisis releases, another arises. She uses different time periods in the story put together in such a way that telling one story out of order This is the third time I have read this book, which makes it even more impressive that I STILL couldn't put it down, even though I knew what was going to happen.

She uses different time periods in the story put together in such a way that telling one story out of order provides tension for the first half of the book, and then the meat of the conflict which is pretty meaty indeed provides tension for the second half. At one point I thought I had reached the crisis scene of the book but there was still another hundred pages. This author writes great suspense because she understands something that I wish Hollywood movie makers did: suspense can't be done for its own sake. The best written suspense scene is useless without emotional connections between characters and reader and characters and each other to sharpen it and give it depth.

Having said that, I'm interested in how she played Gina, a main character, as having worked through her trauma and gotten over it for the most part. I think that was perhaps an unconventional way to do it, but I think its almost a little too easy for the character. Because really, who endures a brutal rape at the hand of terrorists and a few years later has no sexual hangups whatsoever?

Probably not so many people. Jan 15, Mareli rated it it was amazing. I really suffered through the whole book. I hate, hate, hate when the hero and the heroine are separated and in this book, both my heroines were far, far like the other side of the world far, from their men and rescuers! But on the other hand, seeing Max and Jules work together was wonderful!

The book begins with Max and Jules flying to Germany, because they had to recognize Gina corpse, dead in an explosion, before sending her back to her family. Only that Gina corpse is not where it's expect I really suffered through the whole book. Only that Gina corpse is not where it's expected to be and everything becomes very different! This book contains all my favourite heroes of the series, Max, Jules and Jones at the same time and for that I'm really happy.

Not to mention, the fact that finally I can see Max doing the right thing with Gina and begging for forgiveness! Yeah, Gina, make him suffer for a while! Jun 08, Jacqueline J rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance , owned , romantic-suspense , seals-spec-ops-mercs. This is one of my favorites from the series.

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Max finally gives in to his feelings for Gina. The scenes before he realizes that she is still alive are very intense. They also set him up to give in to his feelings for her as he realizes that life is short and love is not to be turned away. I also love the conclusion of Grady and Molly's story.

I love Grady. His life is pretty heart rending and he deserves his HEA. The suspense part is well done and believable and Jules is on the top of his game her This is one of my favorites from the series.

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The suspense part is well done and believable and Jules is on the top of his game here. I absolutely love him. Brockmann has taken a character who could have become a stereotype and turned him into the most well rounded and charming and capable character in the series. Feb 27, Cheryl Meares rated it it was amazing Shelves: must-read , hot-romance , favorites-of-all. This book had me going. Max and Gina who you first met in Gone Too Far are so in love, but Max is determined to push her away.

When he finds out that Gina is killed in a terrorist attack he along with FBI agent Jules Cassidy run to the rescue deteremined to find out what happened. You'll love this book too. You'll also see Jones and Molly again who you first met in Out of Control. Sexy, lots of action, great characters with lots of personality. As if he were their team leader or something.

He hated having to say that. God, how could this have happened? Outside the window, the cloudless sky now seemed mockingly blue. Jules wished he could jump back in time to earlier this morning, when his clock radio had first burst into song. Somehow, someway, they were all going to make it through this awful, terrible day. Jules cleared his aching throat. Last I knew, she was still in Kenya with. He pulled it out of his ass. Get in touch with them—find out what you can. George, contact Walter Frisk. When Max saw this e-mail, he was going to have a crapload of questions, none of which Jules could answer.

At least not yet. He managed to cross his legs and slightly raise one eyebrow. He knew that this, in combination with the half-smile that he let flicker about the edges of his lips, made him look friendly and open to any and all conversation. This should be a cakewalk, this civil discussion between three rational, clear-thinking adults.

Gina was watching him from the other side of the sofa. It was impossible to look at her and not think about sex, about her wrapping her legs around him and sending him into outer space. Max cleared his throat, shifting in his seat—which made him lift his left arm just a little too high—zinging himself in the process. Christ, would the pain in his shoulder ever go away?

She gazed at him for a moment before she spoke again. When we come into this room, we absolutely have to tell the truth. Thank God. He bent to pick it up. After he straightened up, Rita was smiling at them, ready to begin. What do you want to talk about, Max? She did smile when she looked up and met his gaze. Yeah, but everybody else did and most of them passed judgment, too.

Debra, one of the nurses in the physical rehab facility, for example, sure as hell disapproved. But right now he just kept his mouth shut and let Gina go on talking. He could have been transported back into his scrawny, undersized sixteen-year-old body, forced to wander the halls of his high school, naked, while searching for his locker.

No doubt about it, it was time for him to wake up. He grabbed for his cane. Gina stood, too, and blocked his route to the door. He turned to Rita. Right here, in front of Rita. Now he was actually longing for the naked locker scenario. Giant forks from outer space. You know that. True, Rita was only one person, but it still felt as if she were somehow keeping score on that notepad. Not to the rehab center. Not to his pathetic excuse of an apartment.

So where did that leave him? Gina was waiting for his answer. Hurt she usually was so careful not to let him see. It broke his heart. Gina turned to Rita. Just friends—right up until the day he asked her to marry him. Were you just friends with Alyssa the way you and I are just friends? Max turned to Gina. Max briefly closed his eyes. But you said nothing. I came in and I gave you every opportunity to talk to me, and you remember what we did instead? Gina, naked and in his bed, was damn hard to forget.

He glanced at Rita, who was smart enough not to need it spelled out for her. Except, that night, Gina had seduced him. As she so often did. It was usually always Gina who made the first move. Although, to be fair, he never stopped her. Yeah, he tried, but it was never heartfelt. And he never succeeded. Because if she was willing to give so freely of herself, who was he to turn her down? The real truth was that he burned for this girl. Day and night.

Breaking Point Audiobook | Suzanne Brockmann |

So whatever she offered, he took. FBI negotiator? Try to convince them to surrender. Worst case, we stall. We listen to their complaints, pretend to negotiate, while rescuers—in this case a SEAL team—prepared to take down—take control of—the plane using force. They have to blow open the doors and kill the hijackers, while trying not to injure any of the passengers.

It takes time to prepare for that. All those. He sat back down. This was something that Gina needed to talk about, to work through—her harrowing experience of being held hostage. As much as he hated therapy, he would have stuck needles under his fingernails if it would help her find closure. The gunmen threatened to start killing everyone on board so Gina stood up and pretended to be this girl. Her incredible, selfless bravery still impressed the crap out of him. Max was with me. So I talked to her, knowing they were listening in.

She was right. He had been inappropriately attracted to her right from the start. He ticked them off on his fingers. We call it what it was—rape. Ah, God. Gina said there were surveillance cameras. It must have been devastating to watch that. But Max finally understood. As if this would help. As if digging and poking at his anger and guilt would do anything other than make him howl in frustration and pain. He used his cane to pull himself back to his feet. You know, I keep making deals with myself.

You used to tell me everything. What could he possibly say? Actually, no, I left out quite a bit. Silence seemed to surround them both, stretching on and on. Rita interrupted it. Like you bring that entire into bed with us every single time. Let it go? How could he let go of something that had him by the balls? Instead, he cleared his throat. He started for the door. But Gina beat him over there. Now they were all standing.

But Gina closed the door behind her. Well, that went about as well as could be expected. Max reached for the doorknob. He managed to hide his surprise. The answer to that question was none of her goddamn business. She made a face. It was a little freaky, but Jules saw it happen. There was no way Max could have known that Gina was in Germany, let alone anywhere near that car-bombed cafe.

And although Jules admired the hell out of his boss and thought the man brilliant, highly skilled, and capable of outrageous acts of bravery as he employed his frontline method of leadership, Jules was firmly grounded in reality. Despite popular belief, he knew that Max was not capable of mind reading. Which meant that Max had been waiting for this. What a hell of a way to live. Peggy Ryan was oblivious. In fact, she was rattling on about some case she was working on, even as Jules handed Max the dreaded list of civilians killed. Jules turned to her and cut her off mid-utterance.

You need to leave. Get your hands off me, you. Who was stone-cold dead silent. It would have been better if he were shouting and breaking things. Punching a hole in the wall. Max rarely lost his temper, rarely lost control, but when he did, it was an earthshaking event. Max was sitting behind his desk. Just sitting. Jules could read nothing on his face, nothing in his eyes. It was as if Max had shut himself down, made his heart stop beating.