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Error ao solicitar Avise-me. Saiba como Ler seus E-books. Comprar Comprar Produto Esgotado. Receba em casa 0 Retirar na loja 0. Written by a leading Apache expert--and now updated to coverApache 2.

Linux DNS Server Administration (Craig Hunt Linux library)

Hundreds of clear, consistent examples illustrate these techniques indetail--so you stay on track and accomplish all your goals. Each book in the seriesis either written by or meticulously reviewed by Craig Hunt to ensure the highestquality and most complete coverage for networking professionals working specifically in Linux environments.

Written by a leading Apache expert--and now updated to cover Apache 2. Appendix A lists all the standard Apache directives for version 2.

Linux Samba Server Administration: Craig Hunt Linux Library

Although this second edition has been updated to include Apache 2. This book is therefore not for experienced Apache web server administrators who are seeking guidance in migrating from Apache 1. However, it will suit experienced Linux system administrators who are new to Apache to a tee as it is easy to understand, starts from the basics, and walks you through step-by-step instructions to ensure that you are well equipped to setup and maintain your very first Apache web server. Now, on to our next book, the updated second edition of "Linux System Administration" is aimed at Linux server administrators who are already familiar with Unix or slightly knowledgeable about Linux.

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It is not for beginners, desk-top Linux users, or Windows users wishing to migrate to Linux. Its eighteen chapters are divided into four parts and there is no appendix as per its table of contents. This book is applicable to all major Linux distributions although when specific examples are needed, Red Hat Linux 7.

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Once you have finished reading this book, you are well on your way to maintain a Linux server confidently. It covers everything you need to know from setting up user accounts, implementing a backup and recovery strategy, to troubleshooting problems on your system. As it does not include information for you to revise the basics of Linux, readers need to possess a fundamental understanding of IP networks, Linux commands, and Linux system administration.

Please refer to its table of contents on how the thirteen chapters are organised under four sections. Red Hat Linux 7. Each chapter in Part 2 and 3 is dedicated to one service.