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Chapter Analysis of Touched By Gold

He got up, made a cuppa and came back to refresh the screen. Then he checked his emails for the notification that he was sure would come through any minute now.

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Then he refreshed again … and he waited some more. Then he did a test transaction to make sure it was all working properly, then he refreshed to check again. This routine went on in 5 minute intervals for a couple of hours. Super quick.

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Really, he expected that it would happen instantaneously. With every passing minute it became clear that this was not going to happen. Well … this story ends that after that first little window, Alec got busy listing more products, and amazingly he did see our first sale come through by the end of the day. It was miraculous in so many ways. I think it shows just how young online retail was back then, and how little competition we had in our niche.

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King’s evil and the royal touch

Roll Out Happiness. Shop New Rugs. Coffee Decor. Country Kitchen Decor. The location of Gordium, the Phrygian capital, was unknown until the end of the 19th century. It would be rediscovered in when the engineers building the branch of the Berlin-Baghdad railway found in the place, which was being used as a quarry, numerous artificial tumuli with tombs.

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Eight years later, in , he returned with his brother Gustav, who was an archaeologist, initiating excavations. They were only there for a year. Work came to a halt until , when it was taken over by the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, under the direction of Rodney Young who had previously been an ally spy in Greece during World War II.

Excavations continue today with C. Brian Rose, professor of archaeology at the same university, in charge. Rose is also co-director of the Trojan excavations. It would have been nothing out of the ordinary, since at the Gordium site there are more than tumuli of different periods and sizes, except that what they discovered inside was truly exceptional: a royal burial with the remains of the funeral banquet and the best collection of Iron Age vases ever discovered.

The tomb was unusually large, 5. Above the remains of a wooden sarcophagus was a skeleton belonging to a man 1. His skull was deformed and lengthened by the application of bandages and boards since he was a child a practice that was a symbol of royalty. It was, according to Rose, clearly a tomb built for a king, with the best carpenters, the best engineers…they built it to last forever, and somehow it did, at least for more than 2, years.

So, although there was no documentary evidence, they called it Tumulus MM, the tomb of Midas. The floor was made of cedar, the interior walls of pine and the exteriors of juniper. The dating of these woods by radiocarbon and dendrochronology indicated that it had been built around B.